ShopBlacklisted is not your ordinary black business directory.  We are a network connecting black owned businesses and professionals with the black community.  ShopBlacklisted was specifically created to bridge the gap between black consumers and black businesses to empower the black community.  ShopBlacklisted makes locating black owned businesses easy and convenient for the consumer while offering an affordable digital platform for black businesses to advertise their products and services.




ShopBlacklisted is NOT your ordinary black business directory.  We are a network designed to connect black consumers with black owned businesses to empower the black community.



Why was the name ShopBlacklisted chosen?  We realized that the word "black" generally has a negative connation (maybe except black friday).  On a subconscious level, this has negatively affected those who identify as "black."  As such, we decided it was time to take control of our reality and re-define the word "black" into a postive and honorable distinction.  Thus, the name ShopBlacklisted was created!  ShopBlacklisted is a movement focused on cooperative economics to empower the black community!