BLACKlisted Bingo

What is BLACKlisted Bingo?

BLACKlisted Bingo is an initiative to highlight and encourage purposeful patronize of local Black Owned Businesses.  This game will introduce you to local Black Owned Businesses.  Not only does the Black Community win when you support local Black Owned Businesses but the local economy is strengthen as well.  

It has NEVER been easier to support local Black Owned Businesses and empower the Black Community while having a chance to win cash and other prizes on a weekly basis!


How do I play?

The BLACKlisted Bingo card will consist of 24 boxes listing specific Black Owned Businesses with an indication of how to support that business (download app, share facebook page, or shop).  To mark off a box, you must complete the action requested and post proof (receipt with selfie) on Facebook and/or Instagram with specific tags and hashtags.

The traditional rules of obtaining a bingo applies - mark off 5 boxes in a row (horizontal/vertical/diagonal).  Each bingo will be entered into a weekly drawing for cash and gift card prizes.  There will also be a drawing for BLACKout Bingo (every space has been marked off). 

When does BLACKlisted Bingo starts?
Bingo will be played from August 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020.  Did you know that August was Black Business Month?  This is definitely a great time to introduce BLACKlisted Bingo to the community.  The participating businesses will be in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas.

How do I get a BLACKlisted Bingo Card?

There will be limited printed copies of the BLACKlisted Bingo Card at participating businesses for pick up at no charge.  The BLACKlisted Bingo Card will also be available for download.  Please sign up below to receive a notification for the link to download the BLACKlisted Bingo Card via email or text message.  Also, please like and follow our Facebook page to receive information regarding BLACKlisted Bingo.