What is BLACKlisted Bingo?

BLACKlisted Bingo is an initiative to highlight and encourage purposeful patronize of local Black Owned Businesses.  The BLACKlisted Bingo card will consist of 24 boxes listing specific Black Owned Businesses with an indication of how to support that business (download app, share facebook page, or shop).  The BLACKlisted Bingo cards will be available for download or pick up at participating businesses.  

To mark off a box, the BLACKlisted Bingo player must complete the action requested and post proof (receipt with selfie) on Facebook and/or Instagram with specific tags and hashtags.  The traditional rules of obtaining a bingo applies - mark off 5 boxes in a row (horizontal/vertical/diagonal). 

Each bingo will be entered into a weekly drawing for cash and gift card prizes.  There will also be a drawing for BLACKout Bingo (every space has been marked off).           



Why is BLACKlisted Bingo important?

This year has been difficult for businesses in general but especially Black Owned Businesses in light of COVID-19 and government imposed restrictions.  Black Owned Businesses have been hit particularly hard because they generally lack access to traditional financial resources available to other businesses.  This COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this condition.

Even though the government has allocated funds to assist businesses due to COVID-19, a recent study conducted by the Center for Responsible Lending show that roughly 95% of Black Owned Businesses stand close to no chance of receiving a PPP loan through a mainstream bank or credit union. Another survey showed that only 12% of Black Owned Businesses who applied for the PPP loan received what they asked for.

BLACKlisted Bingo is just one of ShopBlacklisted's platforms to offer affordable promotional opportunities for Black Owned Businesses to obtain the much needed exposure to maintain a successful business.


What businesses can participate in BLACKlisted Bingo? And what kind of support can I  request?

Any Black Owned Business in or near the Lafayette, LA area can participate.  Your business can decide how you would like the public to support, i.e. download your mobile app, like and share your Facebook page, purchase products or services, etc.  We will limit the first round to 24 businesses.


When will BLACKlisted Bingo occur?

The first round of BLACKlisted Bingo will occur in the month of August 2020.  Did you know that August is Black Business Month?!  We will also limit BLACKlisted Bingo to the Lafayette and surrounding area for the first round.  If your business is outside of Lafayette but you are interested in participating in BLACKlisted Bingo, please choose the following link to submit a request to expand BLACKlisted Bingo to your area.

If your business is in the Lafayette or surrounding area and you are interested in participating in BLACKlisted Bingo, please choose the photo below to go to the registration page.